....and that's a wrap for the MECCA Ditch Race 2023 ISSA World Banked Slalom Championships!

The tables below provide a quick overview of the results for each division's FINAL ONLY. Each division also includes two buttons that will either take you to:

  • All riders, times (qualifying & finals) as well as overall placement.
  • The primary landing page for all MDR23 division's where you can view the results for alll skateboard and QUAD divisioins
Hans Frank100.57.876
Brandon Sanchez200.59.538
Petr Matous31.02.791
Brad Roberson41.02.853
Benjamin Montes51.03.119
Scott Hostert6DQ
Meghan Zuniga11.09.621
Lari Rupp21.10.280
Jennifer Coppa31.11.527
Judi Oyama41.14.327
Johnathan Elliott136.629
Jamie Rage242.16
Stacy Falk443.073
Alexandria Carvell544.18
Jeff Scholl647.187
Cat Anderson754.994
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MECCA Ditch Race 2023 ║ $3,000 Cash Purse ║ Pro Men's & Pro Women's Skateboard & Pro QUAD


Welcome to the world that is The MECCA Ditch!

We thank you so much for taking the time to drop in here as you travel across this spinning orb! So, sit back, put your feet up, and let us tell you a bit about where you have landed!

Perhaps you are asking yourself, “what is The MECCA Ditch?”

The MECCA Ditch is the direct result of a catastrophic event that occurred on September 11th, 1998  in Las Vegas, NV. We will not go into details about the event here, but you can find out everything you ever wanted to know on this subject at our History of The MECCA Ditch page.

When it's capitalized, "Mecca" is the holiest city for Muslims. Observant Muslims believe it's important to make an annual pilgrimage to Mecca, known as a Hajj, and must carried out at least once in their lifetime!! Because this city near the Red Sea draws so many visitors every year, the word mecca gradually came to mean "place where people really want to go."

When it is in all caps, MECCA is the absolute "Holiest Ditch" for skaters!!! Skaters that have experienced “MECCA” can already attest and believe that they “must make an annual pilgrimage to MECCA Ditch at some point in their lives".  Just like Mecca, The MECCA Ditch Race is fast becoming “ a ditch event where skaters have to go before they die" . . . or they will probably die!!! 🤣

So, allow yourself to be catapulted into the alternative world of The MECCA Ditch and ensure your spot in the next Hajj as one of the individuals that will always be able to say, "Hell yea I have made the Hajj to the greatest downhill banked ditch slalom in history, The MECCA Ditch Race"!!!



Women’s Banked Slalom Division Announced!!

By meccaditch (admin) | August 8, 2023

HEY LADIES!!!! The entire MECCA Ditch team is beyond excited to officially announce the addition of a WOMEN’S SKATEBOARDING DIVISION for the 2023 MECCA Ditch Race!! This overdue addition includes a $1,000 cash purse and custom trophies for the top 3 racers!! GET REGISTERED NOW: https://meccaditch.com/competitor-registration/ No registered skaters go home empty handed and with…

MECCA Ditch Race 2023 Event Artwork and Logos Released!!

By meccaditch (admin) | July 16, 2023

The official MECCA Ditch Race 2023 artwork has been released!! This year’s artwork was created by the legendary K3n Adams who is behind almost every Lamb of God album art, the creative hand behind the Houston Skateboards logo and a ton of other amazing work. Check him out over at www.k3n.com!! You can find all the…


By meccaditch (admin) | July 15, 2023

MECCA Ditch Race 2023 goes live!!